Meet the team

Wanderdicks ry is a Finnish association, founded in 2016. Our mission statements and code of conduct:

Wanderdicks’ purpose is to find adventures and personal growth from nature by pursuing various activities. Nature is our teacher and our most important purpose is to respect it. By respecting the nature we mean:

- Experiencing nature so that it is not permanently harmed and stays in as a natural state as possible.

- Respecting others in the nature’s setting, such as animals and other hikers.

- The rule of thumb is to hike in a manner in which we would like see others hiking.

- Pursuing these organizational values also outside of the organization setting.

Wanderdicks’ second mission is to maintain and train their members to a well-mannered trekking culture. With our own know-how we want to offer also others the possibility and inspiration to the various experiences we have enjoyed.


Chairman of the board, "the stoic"


Secretary, WD, MD, PhD, Dd, 3D... see wikipedia


Projectile trail-flash


Vice President, "a premium hiking-size pasta maker"


The badger wrestler


Financial manager, "at every cookie-crumble line's end"


Like-puller of the year 2018


Voice of reason


Short for "irregular paranormal anomaly-i"


New kid on the block

Tuomas Paavolainen Tmi